Green Planet Solutions offers One-Trip water cooler bottles

With Green Planet Solutions’ new One-Trip water bottles, the office water cooler just got a whole lot more environmentally friendly.

The new Green Planet water cooler
Above: The new Green Planet water cooler

The bottles are made from PET, so are 100% recyclable. Once finished with, they can simply be crushed and popped straight into the recycle bin.  This is good news for the environment in general, as no chemical washing is needed. And it’s good news for the office environment, with no more empty water bottles clogging up storerooms or lurking around the water cooler area awaiting collection.

Green Planet Solutions’ One-Trip bottles hold 15 litres of water, making them more convenient to handle and lighter to transport than conventional 19-litre bottles. They’re filled with natural mineral water from Green Planet Solutions’ own registered well in the Scottish hills, which has been supplying fresh drinking water since the 17th Century.

The bottles can be bought as required – no contract is required. And they can be used on any water cooler, so even if you’re locked into a leasing agreement with another supplier you can still enjoy the one-trip bottle benefits. And when that leasing agreement expires, Green Planet Solutions’ own super energy-efficient water coolers, which use up to 45% less energy than regular alternatives, could help make those water cooler moments even greener.

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